Beenleigh Theatre Group


An interview with Beenleigh Theatre Group President Ian Johnson.


Who can apply to be in Beenleigh Theatre Group shows?

“We are a very inclusive organisation so our productions are open to all ages from any area without discrimination. We encourage a diversity of membership. There is a role in either performance or support for everybody.”

What is it that makes Beenleigh Theatre Group special?

“We live and love theatre and we encourage everyone else to “

Any extra information about rehearsals and shows performers should know?

“We often have two shows in rehearsal and/or production at any given time so it is not unusual for us to rehearse one show on Monday, Wednesday evenings and Sunday morning/afternoon and another show on Tuesday, Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoon/evening. We perform 9 shows over three weekends for most of our productions. Friday and Saturday evening shows and Saturday matinee”

What advice would you give to a performer interested in being involved with Beenleigh Theatre Group?

“Come along, share your talents with us and enjoy our family friendly atmosphere. We work hard and strive to be the very best we can be and we have a lot of fun in the process”

Share a highlight of your time with Beenleigh Theatre Group.

“There are many memorable moments for me from many productions but if one has to choose a favourite child then mine is our world premiere production of Billy Buckett (a rock’n’roll love story). This production not only met great critical acclaim but also embodied our ethos of supporting and developing local and original work.”

What does Beenleigh Theatre Group strive to achieve?

” We proudly play our part in the Community”

If you are interested in becoming involved with a Beenleigh Theatre Group production or viewing their latest shows, details can be found on their website: and their facebook page: BeenleighTheatre