An interview with Squids Theatrical Inc President Nathaniel Currie.

Nathaniel Curry - SQUIDS

Who can apply to be in Squids shows?

“We are open to all ages. Squids also runs a junior educational program in tandem with the senior productions.”

What is it that makes Squids special?

“We maintain a strong community focus of inclusion and acceptance. This strengthens the quality of our shows. This belief is reflected in the ticketing of our shows. We rely on a solid core of volunteers to help keep costs to a minimum so that we can keep tickets as low as possible. Theatre is for the people, by the people and should be accessible to all without compromising standards.”


What advice would you give to a performer interested in being involved with Squids?

“Bring the right attitude. Culture breeds professionalism. Our productions are built on mutual respect, care , understanding and hard work.”

Share a highlight of your time with Squids.

“Personally, one of my favourite highlights was a recent production of CATS I was fortunate to have directed. The final result was a show that really showed the public the quality that can be achieved by the community theatres of Brisbane. As a company, we are extremely proud of a production of ‘potraite of Dorian Grey’ in 2015, written by Brisbane Local J,Wickman. We were given an opportunity to create a production with no preconceived concepts or styling. It was truly a fully immersive creative experience of which too few chances are available to be involved in such. ”


If you are interested in becoming involved with a Squids production or viewing their latest shows, details can be found on their website: www.squids.org.au and their facebook page: Squids Theatrical Inc