Goodbye 2016!

img_53542016 has been a big year for so many people. For a lot it seems to be a year of change and has brought some big challenges. But the beauty of challenges is the potential for growth. After much reflection, I have had a pretty fantastic year despite -and as a result of -those challenges; and I am so so excited for 2017! A big thank you to all my family and friends who have been my support and my light and if you want to relive my year with me a little have a read through my summary below!

For those of you who don’t know, 2017 is going to be a big year for me!! Heading over to London in January and cannot wait to see what the year brings on the other side of the world. Happy New Year everyone!!! Much love, Amy xx

And now, the year that was…

_dsc2643In terms of my performing, there is one highlight that rises above everything. Playing Ariel in The Little Mermaid was a true dream come true. On top of having the unique opportunity to be my favourite Disney Princess and forever  become a ‘Part of her World’ (so to speak … or not to speak at times, as it may be), it helped me grow as an individual and as a performer. I have gained some dear friends that I am truly grateful for and I consider them a true gift and blessing in my life. I have learned from working with some incredible people and gained skills and experiences both on and off stage that have helped me become better _dsc3304and stronger in so many ways. It helped me get into the best shape I have ever been as a singer, physically and certainly emotionally following big tests both in the lead up and in my personal/non-performer life. It provided me with the tools to improve in multiple facets of my being. And it helped me bring joy and love in the best way I know how. Ariel and I went through a lot together and the lessons that she and I both learned will be with me always – as will the smiling young faces who greeted Ariel in the foyer. To those children – YOU are the magic that helped me truly bring Ariel to life. Thank you for believing in me and trusting me to be your princess. Thank you to every single person both on and off that stage – the magic that we created on that stage was so special and I would not change any one of you for the world.

Super Party Heroes and Stardom Entertainment

Bottom right corner 4 are images from Stardom Entertainment appearances (Ariel, Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland, Goldilocks). Super Party Heroes characters: Supergirl, Witch, Fairy, Alice, Batgirl, Elsa, Rapunzel, Jessie (Toy Story), Cinderella, Clown

And speaking of bringing magic to kids, how blessed have I been to have worked with two incredible companies this year that make it their business to bring joy to children! Firstly, working with Stardom Entertainment as the storyteller at the Marsden Park Book Exchange was one of the highlights of the year for me. There is something magical about becoming a character that needs to exist in the world without a script or set audience. And whether it was for one child or 20 what an absolute joy bringing the stories of some incredible characters to the hearts of young readers (including reprising the beautiful Ariel). And overlapping and following my work here was my time with Super Party Heroes travelling around as many many incredible characters and making special days even more special (not to mention the chance to play the most incredible game of dress ups possible)! And whether it was as a princess, superhero, fairy or otherwise, I had the privilege of sharing in some magical and incredible moments in these kids lives.

Turn It Up Photography ShootsBut the fun didn’t stop there! I have enjoyed thoroughly being a model this year for my talented friend David Harrison from Turn it Up Photography! From the first shoot for The Little Mermaid promos, through the forest as a princess and then into the waterfall as a forest fairy, and culminating with some kick butt ninja stuff at the Powerhouse – what an experience! So great! For someone who loves dressing up and bringing characters to life this was just the most fun ever! David it has been such an honour – love your work, and am so blessed to call you my friend. We will work with each other again!!!

I put myself through some insane tests this year. I have seen multiple teachers for multiple things and gained so many skills and conquered so many hurdles as a result. I want to take a moment to shout out to my incredible vocal coach and friend Lauren Mackay who has seen me through all the twists and turns of this year and I know I have made some incredible progress with your guidance and suggestions and am so excited to make new discoveries and become better and better in the year to come. Thank you and I love you Lauren – I will miss you so much!! xx UVD Studios people! Look her up!

Forest Lake CarolsAnd then of course I must finish by briefly mentioning all the incredible performances and moments in between that I have loved so dearly: The Forest Lake Carols – by far the best one yet!!! Underground Broadway – Singing as Anna was such fun! Getting to reprise Ariel again with my lovely Prince at the Griffith Conservatorium (There’s your mention Simon <3). My wonderful experiences doing some singing and acting teaching this year for different studios and privately!! The auditions I have grown through. Even the reading and discussion with peers and friends to better my craft. And of course tap and jazz classes!! And private tuition with some amazing dance teachers throughout the year. And oh my goodness just every little amazing workshop and experience. It has been a joy performing and learning with you all. Thank you all so much.

For those who know me, you will know that this year for me has been about finding a way to get back on my feet. Turns out sometimes to get on your feet, you need to make a deal with a sea witch, spend some time finding your voice and figure out what is worth standing up for. And here I am at the end of 2016 ready for a big new shiny adventure, and I have never been so excited to open up a new page of the story. A lot of chapters were closed this year. But if Ariel has taught me anything, its that the only way to reach your dreams is to go after them. To all of my close friends and family who have helped me through, I am eternally grateful – And especially to the one who is crazy enough to come with me to the other side of the world (yes I mean you Kirk #SebastianAndArielTakeLondon :p). I am so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life. And I am so grateful for all the experiences of 2016 both fantastic and challenging. Thank you 2016 for everything that you were and for blessing me with the stepping stones toward an incredible 2017 – wish me luck!!!

Much love always,

Amy xx


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