Goodbye 2016!

img_53542016 has been a big year for so many people. For a lot it seems to be a year of change and has brought some big challenges. But the beauty of challenges is the potential for growth. After much reflection, I have had a pretty fantastic year despite -and as a result of -those challenges; and I am so so excited for 2017! A big thank you to all my family and friends who have been my support and my light and if you want to relive my year with me a little have a read through my summary below!

For those of you who don’t know, 2017 is going to be a big year for me!! Heading over to London in January and cannot wait to see what the year brings on the other side of the world. Happy New Year everyone!!! Much love, Amy xx

And now, the year that was…

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The dreaded “F” Word


It’s been a while since I’ve posted – you are probably wondering where I have gone! Well I’m still here. Still fighting the fight as we all do. But fighting is not the word I am referring to. Today I want to talk about something that holds us all back – the dread of not being good enough. The fear of “Failure”. Dun dun daaaaaahhhh! And that’s different to the fear of being just plain old bad. It’s being less than you want to be, and the unimportant but ominous “less than what other’s expect you to be” or “less than you want others to think of you”.

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What’s in a tour?

Cinderella Philippines

I have been lucky enough to be involved in some truly awesome things. One of which was the incredible experience of touring Cinderella through the Philippines. But what does that mean? And if you are wanting to do something similar what should you expect? Here’s some of what I picked up on my journey which might help you out along the way!

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Bring on Sweet ’16

Happy New Year everyone! Can you believe another year is done and dusted? Thank you all so so much for sharing the journey with me! It has been a big year with many ups and downs and your support through it all has been an absolute blessing. So here goes the year that was in anticipation of the year that is all ready to be!!! Re-join me for the journey the short-way round as I look back on 2015!

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Grand Opening

Hello everyone! Welcome to my new website! Here is my first official post!!!

Please keep an eye out for new posts as well as information about my upcoming performances!!

But while you’re here… why don’t you take a look around!

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It is so wonderful to see you and thanks for dropping by!! See you again soon!

Much love

Always, Amy xx