Redcliffe Musical Theatre


An interview with Redcliffe Musical Theatre marketing coordinator Trent Sellars.


Who can apply to be in Redcliffe Musical Theatre shows?

“For major productions we hold open auditions, for ROAR Academy shows it is strictly Roar students and for RMT Youth productions any person(s) under 20 may apply. “

What is it that makes Redcliffe Musical Theatre special?

“Redcliffe Musical Theatre is set apart by its readiness to grow and nurture youth performers. Under the RMT umbrella we now have RMT Youth which allows under 20s to perform leading roles at the Redcliffe Cultural Centre. Going on five years now we also have Roar Academy which continues to host various performance classes for youth aged 5-17 years.”

Any extra information about rehearsals and shows performers should know?

“Our principal cast generally have an intensive rehearsal schedule, whilst ensemble are placed in surrounding timeslots.”

What advice would you give to a performer interested in being involved with Redcliffe Musical Theatre?

“As with performing in any local production the key to success is patience, commitment and endurance. When times get tough and you feel you can’t keep going, push on. The quality of the show relies on the energy of the performers and endurance is everything.”

Share a highlight of your time with Redcliffe Musical Theatre.

“Since the launch of our 2016 season we have had a major growth in online traffic. With over 300 people pre registered to audition for our premier of WICKED, and over 1500 people regularly checking our website weekly. The coming year is going to be HUGE!”

What does Redcliffe Musical Theatre strive to achieve?

“RMT’s aim is to bring quality musical theatre to the Moreton Bay Region.”

If you are interested in becoming involved with a Redcliffe Musical Theatre production or viewing their latest shows, details can be found on their website: and their facebook page: redcliffemusicaltheatre