Queensland Musical Theatre


An interview with Queensland Musical Theatre Company Artistic Director Deian Ping.

Deian Portrait

Who can apply to be in Queensland Musical Theatre shows?

“All ages and localities depending on individual shows”

What is it that makes Queensland Musical Theatre special?

“[Queensland Musical Theatre is a] family oriented company which produces quality entertainment for all ages.”

What advice would you give to a performer interested in being involved with Queensland Musical Theatre?

“Enjoy the cameraderie that comes with working hard together to create some great entertainment. Be prepared to participate in all aspects of the production. People who have been in our shows have painted sets, built props, carried lights, set up sound, sewn costumes, and helped with the myriad of tasks that make up a production. Nothing beats the feeling that you have been part of a group that has produced something special. Its not just the performance, it’s the complete package.”

Share a highlight of your time with Queensland Musical Theatre.

“It has been our privilege over the years to cast members with disabilities. On one occasion during The Pirates of Penzance our helmsman (who was sight impaired) wore two eye patches as his own private joke.”

What does Queensland Musical Theatre strive to achieve?

” Queensland Musical Theatre and Arts Inc was established to provide quality entertainment to people of all ages in South East Queensland at a reasonable cost. While professionalism and entertainment are primary considerations, Queensland Musical Theatre seeks also to develop talent, encourage appreciation of the Musical Theatre genre; and develop a positive self-concept amongst participants by imparting a variety of theatrical skills in all aspects of Musical Theatre in a supportive environment based on mutual trust and respect.”

If you are interested in becoming involved with a Queensland Musical Theatre production or viewing their latest shows, details can be found on their website: www.queenslandmusicaltheatre.com and their facebook page: queenslandmusicaltheatre.