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Wishing you all a wonderful and exciting 2016 and looking forward to seeing you all both on and off the stage!


Forest Lake Carols 2016


Amy returns to the Forest Lake Community Carols for her 16th year! To see some of her previous performances at the carols click here.

For details to attend click here.





Underground Broadway



For details and tickets click here.







For details and to purchase tickets as they become available head to UVD Studios.





Prima's The Little Mermaid

Click the pictures above to link to Amy’s most recent performances.



Have you checked out community corkboard yet? Find out about the local Brisbane Community Musical Theatre groups you can work with. Click here for the main page.
Our latest featured Community Musical Theatre Group is SQUIDS Theatrical Inc.SQUIDS




IMG_6416 The dreaded “F” Word - It’s been a while since I’ve posted – you are probably wondering where I have gone! Well I’m still here. Still fighting the fight as we all do. But fighting is not the word I am referring to. Today I want to talk about something that holds us all back – the dread of not being […]
Cinderella Philippines What’s in a tour? - I have been lucky enough to be involved in some truly awesome things. One of which was the incredible experience of touring Cinderella through the Philippines. But what does that mean? And if you are wanting to do something similar what should you expect? Here’s some of what I picked up on my journey which […]
Forest Lake Carols Bring on Sweet ’16 - Happy New Year everyone! Can you believe another year is done and dusted? Thank you all so so much for sharing the journey with me! It has been a big year with many ups and downs and your support through it all has been an absolute blessing. So here goes the year that was in anticipation […]
Descending Major 6th Intervals part 2: The flip side of intervals - The descending version of each interval can be much more difficult to wrap your head around than going up. So here are a collection of songs that can help you remember what's what. A song doesn't just go up and up and up (... except at the end of Phantom of the Opera right sopranos?....) so it's important to know your intervals going back the other way too. Ready to give it a try?
Amy Winner Blog Entries Keeping Audition Ready - So sometimes we have heaps of time to prepare for an audition. Sometimes we hear about it a week in advance - if that! That can make our time to prepare very very small. Is there a way we can make ourselves more ready for a quick work up of a song? I think so. Here are some ideas that might work for you.

For more posts click here


Amy featured on the Vlog of An Idiot On Stage talking about community theatre.

Amy Winner as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz with Queensland Musical Theatre in 2014.

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